Thursday, September 3, 2020

Jim Raggi's Religion Questions

An excerpt of the old Lotfp referee book. I found these questions pretty helpful and wanted them more easily accessible so let's copy-paste. I believe by answering these you'll be good to go for the higher matters in your setting. All credit to James Raggi. 

  • What is the god’s name, including epithets? ­ 
  • What is the god’s sphere of influence? ­ 
  • What does the god look like? 
  • Is the god male, female, both, or neither? ­ 
  • What is the origin of the god? ­ 
  • What does the god’s places of worship look like? ­ 
  • What are the common rituals done in honor of the god? ­
  • How do the priests of the religion dress? ­ 
  • When are the major holy days of the religion, and what do they represent? ­ 
  • What is the god’s symbol? ­ 
  • What is the religion’s attitude towards other gods? ­ 
  • What is the religion’s attitude towards heretical practices? ­ 
  • What is the religion’s attitude towards nonbelievers? ­ 
  • What is important to followers of the religion? ­ 
  • How might one please the religion? ­ 
  • How might one oŕend the religion? ­ 
  • Does the religion claim any sacred animals, monsters, devices, or phenomena? ­ 
  • Are  there any unusual  actions that the priests of the religion perform?

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